What is Paintless dent repair (pdr)?

  The auto hail repair process begins with you, the customer, filing a claim with your insurance. Once a claim has been filed, you can begin to get estimates. Your insurance company will make an appointment for you to see their adjuster and based on his estimate you will receive a check for that amount less your deductible. If you have a lien on your vehicle the insurance check will be a two party check with your name and your lien holder. If you like our estimate and wish to do business with us we will either personally send your check off for endorsement or walk you through the process of getting your check endorsed. Repair time can vary between same day services to 7-10 day jobs.

  If our estimate is for more than you received from your insurance do not worry The Dent Source management team will contact your insurance and get the proper payment for the job in the form of a supplement. Upon completion of your vehicle, please tell your friends and family about the service you received at The Dent Source as that is always our #1 method of advertising 100% satisfaction.

Dealer Services

  When a hail storm strikes your lot, you need to be able to repair your vehicles quickly and efficiently. The Dent Source provides dealerships, fleet lease companies, and rental agencies with mobile response dent repair to get vehicles back to looking like new, fast and affordably.

  A Dent Source technician can be dispatched to a location for mobile response quickly – often on the same-day as the request 

  The Dent Source sets the standard as a provider of hail paintless dent repair by providing our customers with: 

-Experienced and highly-trained technicians.
-Quick response time and same-day repairs in some markets.
-Consistently high-quality repairs. 
-100% satisfaction guarantee.
-Limited lifetime warranties on all repairs.

Retail customer Service process

  Paintless Dent Repair (PDR) repairs dents on vehicles without affecting the original factory finish.  PDR is primarily used to repair vehicles with minor dents; door dings, and hails damage.  Highly skilled and experienced technicians use specially designed tools to reform the metal back to its original state without body filler, sanding, or painting!

  PDR is insurance approved and in most cases the preferred method of repair as it saves the original factory finish and parts.  PDR is also cost effective as repairs usually run about 60-70% less than a conventional body shop repair.  Through professional experience nationwide, The Dent Source will walk you through each step of the PDR process.

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